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Make a Difference through Civic Engagement

The Civic Matters Hub is here to support you along your civic journey. We are a resource for creating stronger communities, advocating for change, and most importantly, helping you make your voice heard through voting, community organizing, volunteering, rallying, and more.

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July 30, 2024
Partner Events
Welcome to Family Community Engagements! This event is all about bringing families and communities together for a memorable experience. From interactive exhibits to engaging activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your loved ones and meet new friends. To register for this event, click here. 
August 24, 2024
Partner Events
Join Life x Hope for a vibrant Community Family Festival in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Heights community, hosted by the City of Hope, Greater Saint Mary Church of Christ, and L’Chayim Family Ministries in partnership with MS 267.Date: August 24th, 2024Time: 11 AM to 4 PMLocation: MS 267, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NYLife x Hope’s mission is to connect residents with services that enhance overall health and wellness, provide the tools for healthy living, and decrease generational morbidity and mortality rates in their community. Highlights of the Event:Health Screenings: BP checks, STD screenings, BMI assessments, and more.Health Insurance and Wellness Information: Access essential health resources.Fitness Activities: Sessions with professional fitness instructors.Prayer Station: Spiritual support and guidance.Music and Entertainment: Enjoy live music and fun activities.Giveaways: Exciting freebies for attendees.Friendly Activities: Bring the entire family for a day of health, fun, and community.Why Attend? Enhance Your Health: Take advantage of free health screenings and wellness resources.Engage with the Community: Connect with neighbors and build supportive relationships.Enjoy and Learn: Participate in fun activities while learning about health and wellness.Don’t miss this opportunity to uplift your health and well-being!Bring your family and friends, and join Life x Hope for a day dedicated to creating a healthier, happier community.To register, click here. 
November 6, 2024
Partner Events
Baltic Street Wellness Solution works to explore the critical role of social connectedness and meaningful interactions in supporting the recovery experience through a Peer lens. Through their review, we’ve identified the profound impact of isolation stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and the imperative of social distancing, creating a perfect storm of loneliness.The Baltic Street Wellness Solution aims to address the far-reaching and sustained effects of this loneliness, recognizing its potential to derail recovery and expose individuals to trauma and repeated cycles. By convening professional peers, experts and stakeholders, they seek to develop strategies and solutions to mitigate the impact of loneliness and foster resilience in the recovery journey.Symposium GoalsIdentify root causes and dimensions of isolation and loneliness to gain a comprehensive understanding of their multifaceted nature.Redefine ‘community’ to make it scalable and adaptable to diverse dimensions of loneliness, beyond traditional boundaries.Develop proactive interventions leveraging Peer support to address loneliness, grounded in empathy and shared experiences.Advocate for policy reforms that reinforce proactive responses and pave the way for ongoing research and innovation.Establish a robust quality-of-life framework to measure the impact of initiatives, ensuring continuity and effectiveness.To register for this event, click here. 
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Voting was important to me as the next step in my civic journey. At last, my voice was being heard. I feel like I am paving the way for my fellow immigrants.
Lydia Darly
Brooklyn Activist
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Join the Election Protection program to make sure that eligible voters know how to cast their ballots and help make sure they are counted.

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Spread Love NYC is a nine-month long campaign, by NYC Service, to connect New Yorkers with opportunities to make a difference in their communities through short and long-term service projects with local nonprofits.

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