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About Civic Matters

Civic Matters is the signature initiative of Women Creating Change (WCC).

We believe there is power in knowledge, community, and in our collective voices.

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Many women face barriers to civic participation due to fundamental societal inequities and oppression. 

There is a great potential and need for more civic engagement in New York City. Despite strides that have been made, women – especially women of color – are paid less on the dollar, lag in representation in elected office, and hold fewer leadership positions.

That’s why WCC created the Civic Matters initiative – offering opportunities for New York City women and gender-expansive persons to learn about civics, take action, and connect with others to create change that results in stronger communities.

We hope you will join us in our vision for a more just and equitable New York City where all women are civically engaged.


About Women Creating Change

Creating opportunities for
meaningful civic engagement
since 1915.

Women Creating Change (WCC) is an inclusive community that partners with organizations and with New York City women who have been systemically excluded from civic processes to develop programs and influence policies that result in more equitable civic engagement.

The organization, formerly called Women’s City Club of New York, was created in 1915 by courageous women in the midst of World War I. Early members included Frances Perkins, Ida Tarbell and Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as hundreds of other trailblazing women who wasted no time in tackling complex problems, such as abuse of women in sweatshops, voting rights, intolerable tenement living conditions and the failures of our free society to provide equal opportunities for all.

Today, we remain dedicated to the vision and commitment of our first members more than a century ago. Every day we continue to promote civic learning and participation, equitable policies, and activism and women’s leadership, particularly for women who experience systemic barriers to civic engagement.

Learn more about WCC and contact us at or 212.353.8070.

Civic Matters Hub Team

Nicole Barsamian
Hub Consultant
Natasha Lerebours
Hub Intern