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Take Action and Volunteer to Ensure Reproductive Justice for All

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Looking for ways to get involved and build reproductive justice for all? Look no further!

We have compiled a curated list of local organizations that offer volunteer and action opportunities to foster quality access to reproductive healthcare for all women in NYC.


  • Pro-Truth NY: Did you know that there are almost twice as many fake abortion clinics in New York State as real ones? Pro-Truth, led by the National Council of Jewish Women, raises awareness and fights the dangerous and deceptive tactics of fake reproductive health clinics. You can take action by reporting a fake clinic, posting on social media about the dangers of fake clinics, submitting a letter to the editor, or writing an op-ed. To help Pro-Truth NY ensure legitimate, private and truthful healthcare for all people, click here.


  • The Brigid Alliance: Wherever someone needs to get to abortion care in the U.S, The Brigid Alliance finds a way to get them there – through direct support and in collaboration with their network of partners. They book, coordinate and pay for travel, travel expenses, and child care, serving as a single, trusted contact for every step of the journey. Get in touch with the Brigid Alliance by selecting “I’d like to volunteer” in the drop down menu on their contact page.


  • NY Birth Control Access Project (NYBCAP): The NY Birth Control Access Project is an organization that fights for birth control access. They train young adults to learn, develop, and exercise the skills necessary to advocate for legislation, policy change, and in areas of direct impact. In 2023, NYBCAP successful advocated to make birth control available without a prescription in New York. To help educate, motivate and empower others to raise their voices about the need for affordable and accessible birth control, apply for NYBCAP’s Associate Board here.


  • Ancient Song: Ancient Song is a New York based, national birth justice organization working to eliminate maternal and infant mortality and morbidity among low-income Black and Latinx people. They ensure that all pregnant, postpartum, and parenting people of color have access to high-quality, holistic doula care and services regardless of their ability to pay. Click here if you would like to share your Black maternal health story to stand in solidarity with others, shine a light on opportunities to create change, help care providers tend to the lives of pregnant people in a more robust way, and possibly offer yourself restoration and healing. Click here if you are a medical provider or other stakeholder operating in Black and Latinx communities, such as social workers, counselors, and community health centers, and would like comprehensive training on sexual and reproductive justice and birth justice.


  • Saving Mothers: Saving Mothers is a global non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating preventable maternal deaths and reversing the inequities in maternal healthcare in NYC and areas around the world where the need is greatest. Saving Mothers is looking for Ambassadors to shine a spotlight on its lifesaving work around the world and in NYC. Click here to become an Ambassador and raise awareness about how dangerous pregnancy can be in parts of the world where basic care is unavailable. Click here for information about Saving Mothers’ work in New York.


  • Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY):  Planned Parenthood of Greater New York provides sexual and reproductive health care to everyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, immigration status, or ability to pay. You can take action by becoming a volunteer, an activist or a donor. To help PPGNY fight for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all New Yorkers, click here.