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You’re an Investigator / Researcher!

You get down to the root causes of issues to imagine futures and create change.

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Superpowers: Researching, Documenting, Gathering Stories

Investigators constantly research topics in order to gain a deeper insight of social issues that certain communities are faced with so that society can be better equipped in providing solutions to these problems.

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Civic Basics Starter Pack

This guide walks you through tips and tricks for getting started with civic engagement.

Civic Basics Guides

Ready to take a deeper dive? Browse all of our guides on rights, duties, voting, and government.

Civic Actions for the Investigator/Researcher

Strengthen Your Investigator/Researcher Skills

Sharpen Your Research Skills

Check out Digital Civics Toolkit’s Investigate Guide to learn about the importance of finding credible resources and reflecting on personal biases, how to understand infographics, and how to effectively share information you have learned with others. 

Investigate Your Elected Officials

Discover the financial backers of your representatives on Open Secrets and think about how they align with your values and interests.

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